Youth Justice Network

Friends of Island Academy helps young people grow and heal by reducing and mitigating their contact with the justice system. Through our individualized services, we promote justice rooted in equity, integrity, and transformation. For 30 years, Friends has supported young people whose lives intersect with NYC's jails and justice system. We build trust and work with our youth members from their first moments in custody onward, leveraging their resilience and capacity for self-efficacy, accountability, and economic independence. In order to thrive, young people need a sense of belonging, a port of safety, and opportunities for achievement. Advocates work closely with youth while incarcerated and long after their release. Anchored by sites in Harlem, Queens, the Bronx and downtown Brooklyn, staff work one-on-one with youth to help them stay hopeful and focused on their pathways toward academic advancement, work/careers, health and wellbeing, arts/recreation, and civic engagement.

Headquarter Address

63 West 125th Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10027