Eyeglasses are a powerful tool for social and economic development, and personal wellbeing. Yet, 2.7 billion people around the world lack access to this 700-year-old technology. VisionSpring expands the optical market, using innovative distribution and service models to sell radically affordable, durable and attractive eyeglasses to people living on less than $4/day. Pairing end-consumer purchasing power with sponsorship from foundations, governments, and corporations, VisionSpring's community-based programs bring vision screening and eyeglasses to earners, learners, and drivers in 20 countries. VisionSpring reaches over 1.3M people annually and has unlocked $1.5B in economic impact. VisionSpring also offers supply-side solutions, selling bulk quantities of reading eyeglasses and fulfilling Rx orders in our lens lab, to more than 400 mission-aligned partners - helping to expand their vision services to low-income customers. With eyeglasses people can see well and do well.

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