Utah Sports Commission

The Utah Sports Commission was created to foster national and international amateur sports competitions to be held in the state of Utah, which will enhance the quality of life of all Utah citizens and strengthen Utah's presence in the worldwide sports community. The role of the Utah Sports Commission is to act as facilitator, catalyst, coordinator, ombudsman, salesman, cheerleader or any other role that might be helpful or necessary to assist the various sports related organizations in Utah in attracting events, revenue, athlete development opportunities, and positive exposure to the state. The Utah Sports Commission is playing and will continue to play a vital coordinating role in the Utah sports community. An umbrella sports organization such as the Sports Commission allows Utah to brand and position itself in the global sports marketplace more effectively than if multiple organizations and venues were to attempt this on their own.

Headquarter Address

201 South Main Street
Suite 2125
Salt Lake City, UT 84111