Upper Valley Humane Society

The mission of the Upper Valley Humane Society (UVHS) is to compassionately connect people and pets. We do this by implementing a vision that strives to achieve excellence in animal welfare through a progressive approach to flexible adoptions, positive training, open-admission sheltering, and humane education. We are committed to supporting our community by providing the resources people and pets need to improve their relationship, increasing opportunities for pets to find new homes and preventing cruelty. The Upper Valley Humane Society is paramount in assisting healthy community and individual interactions with pets, especially those in need. For over the last fifty years the UVHS has set the standard for humane and compassionate treatment of pets. We serve over one hundred communities in both Vermont and New Hampshire, 3,500 families are provided direct services and 20,000 families are served at a local, regional and national level annually.

Headquarter Address

300 Old Route 10
Enfield, NH 03748