United Way of Greater Rochester

United Way's mission is to magnify and focus the power of community resources to advance the common good. For more than 90 years, the United Way of Greater Rochester, Inc. has been committed to making our community a better place to live. Through our community-wide call to action - LIVE UNITED - the United Way asks community members to give, advocate, and volunteer in whatever ways they can. United Way advances the common good by investing donor dollars where they will make a measurable impact on the community by funding programs, engaging in strategic community partnerships, mobilizing volunteers and advancing advocacy efforts in support of declared strategies: giving babies the best start, preparing kids for success, supporting seniors and caregivers and meeting basic needs. The United Way invests donor dollars in the areas of greatest need in the community by utilizing a network of community volunteers who, in coordination with trained staff, determine how to invest dollars in the most efficient and effective manner possible to ensure strong long-term results for our entire community. In keeping with our call to LIVE UNITED, United Way investments include financial support and mobilizing community services to help those in need. The United Way funds programs that are "evidenced-based" - proven to work based on extensive research and effective long-lasting results. We are also focused on disciplined evaluation for all funded programs, looking at not just how each is doing, but at how collectively they are changing lives.

Headquarter Address

75 College Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607