Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research

<p>The mission of Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research is to achieve excellence in the rehabilitation of injured, orphaned, and oiled native wild birds, with the goal of returning healthy birds to their natural environment. We do this through compassionate care, humane research, and education.</p> <p>Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research was founded in the winter of 1976 to study the effects of oil on birds and develop protocols necessary to treat affected wildlife. Today, the Oil Spill Response team is on call 24/7/365 to respond and mobilize within two hours if wildlife are affected by oil spills nationally and internationally. The Oil Spill Contingency Planning program works with industry and agency partners on routine training and preparedness activities. </p> <p>The Wild Bird Clinic, officially opened in 1982, consists of animal care wards, surgery and research labs, and outdoor aviaries and pools. The clinic treats about 2,500 injured and orphaned native wild birds each year.</p

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110 Possum Hollow Road
Newark, DE 19711