The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society's mission is uniting people to protect America's wild places. We focus on making America's vast and unique system of public lands part of the solution to the most pressing challenges of our day: climate change, unprecedented species extinction and inequitable access to nature's benefits. We work with partners and support our staff to find common ground around enduring conservation solutions. To these solutions we bring long-term investment in community-led conservation, deep expertise in public lands policy and management, and the ability to catalyze inclusive local-national advocacy networks that share voice, power and impact. We aim to transform conservation policy so ALL people benefit equitably from public lands; foster a continental network of resilient landscapes supporting healthy ecosystems so people and wildlife can migrate and adapt to the changing climate; and reduce to net zero by 2030 carbon emissions from fossil fuel extraction on public lands.

Headquarter Address

1801 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20006