The Progeria Research Foundation

To discover treatments and the cure for Progeria and its aging-related disorders. Progeria is a fatal, "rapid aging" disease that afflicts children, who die of heart disease at an average age of 14.5 years - the same heart disease affecting millions of normal aging adults. The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) was founded in 1999 in response to the lack of resources for doctors, scientists, patients, and families of those with Progeria. PRF has been the driving force behind the tremendous progress in the field, moving from total obscurity, to gene discovery, to first-ever drug treatment in just 13 years. PRF is the only non-profit solely dedicated to finding treatments and the cure for Progeria, and is hailed as a prime example of a successful translational research organization. Moreover, with the now-documented biological connection between Progeria, common heart disease and aging, finding the cure for one of the rarest diseases on earth may help the entire aging population.

Headquarter Address

P.O. Box 3453
Peabody, MA 01961