The Forge for Families

The Forge for Families is intent on serving as watchmen in the inner-city by holistically addressing the needs of our community and encouraging children & adults through children's programming (educational & athletic), practical parent training, pre-marital and marital counseling, and economic development which includes personal financial management and employment. The Forge is strategically located in the most disadvantaged section of Houston, Texas, to serve the Second and Third Wards. Our results-oriented approach to programming is based on The Forge's previous success in parent classes, encouragement of healthy marriages, and economic improvement. We have operated family services for 19 years, including children, parent, marriage, father, and single-mother programs. The Forge for families operates in a new, 28,000+ square foot facility situated on two acres.

Headquarter Address

3435 Dixie Drive
Houston, TX 77021