The Food Project

The Food Project's mission is to create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system. Since 1991, The Food Project has brought together youth and adults from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds to grow food for hunger relief and for innovative food system initiatives in eastern Massachusetts. We employ 120 young people in a three-tiered, year-round youth leadership development program and sustainably grow food on 70 acres of farmland in Boston, Lincoln, Lynn, Beverly, and Wenham. The Food Project is at the forefront of building and managing growing spaces for residents in food-insecure neighborhoods, increasing access to affordable, fresh, healthy food, and pioneering programs permitting and incentivizing the use of SNAP benefits to purchase fresh food at our affordable farmers markets and for CSA shares.

Headquarter Address

10 Lewis Street
Lincoln, MA 01773