Storyteller Children's Center

Storyteller Children's Center helps Santa Barbara's homeless and at-risk toddlers and preschoolers achieve Kindergarten Readiness by providing therapeutic preschool and support services for their families. Core Values: - Storyteller believes that all families have strengths and strives to meet the families where they are and provide a place of non-judgment. - Storyteller believes the parents know what is best for their child and are the child's primary teachers. - Storyteller operates from a place of compassion, empathy, respect and integrity. - Storyteller provides a safe, supportive, trauma informed, educational environment for the children, families and staff. - Storyteller supports its teachers and staff through professional development and reflective practice. - Storyteller values its collaborations with outside agencies and believes they are an integral part of Storyteller's programs.

Headquarter Address

2115 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105