Samaritan Center for Young Boys & Families

Samaritan Center opened in October of 1968 as a Christian mission designed to provide guidance and structure to young boys exhibiting bad behavior and poor academic performance. We are an early intervention program addressing inappropriate behaviors of young boys before they become habitual and/or criminal in nature. It is our mission to build character in these young boys and provide the skills to enable them to meet life head on and become solid citizens. Over the course of time we realized the necessity of working closely with the families of these "lost" boys. It is vital to deal with the root of the problem. By improving the family dynamic and improving parenting skills we could realize long-term success and instill character in all. We implement our program with the purpose of reconciling and strengthening the family unit. We have a history of keeping boys out of the juvenile system and on the path to a happy, productive and character filled lives.

Charity Navigator Ratings

Overall Rating

(2/4)|73.67 Score


(3/4)|84.82 Score

Accountability & Transparency

(1/4)|66 Score



Headquarter Address

1490 SE Cove Road
Stuart, FL 34997