Saint John's Program for Real Change

Since 1985, Saint John's Program for Real Change has provided more than 30,000 formerly homeless women and children with the essential tools to change the trajectory of their lives. We operate the largest residential program for formerly homeless women and children in the Sacramento region. Our mission is to unleash the potential of women and children in crisis. We accomplish our mission by adhering to our vision of breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence, one family at a time. Our current capacity allows us to serve up to 550 women and children each year, and we provide, on average, 675 comprehensive service hours for each family, every month they are with us. Our 12-18-month residential program provides client-centered outcomes-focused comprehensive trauma-informed and responsive services our clients need to rehabilitate and re-assimilate into the workforce and our community.

Headquarter Address

2443 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Suite 369
Sacramento, CA 95825