Restavek Freedom

Our mission is simple: end child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime. "Restavek" is a Haitian Creole term for a child who is given to another family most often to perform labor in exchange for shelter and an education, but unfortunately these children are too often exploited and never receive the promised love, care, or education. The U.N. has defined restavek as a form of modern-day slavery. Every action we take - whether it is freeing children who are in restavek, engaging and educating families about the harsh realities of the practice, or spurring community leaders to effect permanent change across the country of Haiti - is done with this goal in mind. Restavek Freedom was founded in 2007 and we now have over 30 employees in two main locations in Haiti - Port-au-Prince and South Haiti - and a small support staff in the US in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Headquarter Address

11160 Kenwood Rd.
Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45242