Place of Hope

Place of Hope is a unique, faith-based, state-licensed child welfare organization providing family-style foster care for "hard-to-place" and other "special needs" foster children, family outreach and intervention, comprehensive maternity care, safety for victims of labor and sex trafficking, transitional housing and support services for transitioning and emancipated foster and other homeless youth, adoption and foster care recruitment and support, hope, and healing opportunities for children and families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect throughout our region. Through our family-model approach and commitment, we are dedicated to providing stable, loving, and nurturing environments and support for foster children (and their families) while in state custody, following family reunification, pre-adoptive placement, and post-emancipation from care. We strive to foster and support healthy and productive lives, free from fear, endangerment, and most of all, abuse.

Headquarter Address

9078 Isaiah Lane
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418