PeerForward's mission is to unleash the power of positive peer influence to transform the lives of youth living in low-income communities by connecting them to college and careers. Formerly College Summit, PeerForward taps a resource found in every high school in America - influential students - to increase the number who pursue higher education. We work with school partners to select students and an advisor, train them at powerful summer workshops and school-year training camps, and support the student teams as they run campaigns promoting key actions (applying for financial aid, applying to at least three schools, and connecting career ambitions to academic decisions) that research shows are leading indicators for postsecondary success. Our schools achieve 26% higher rates of financial aid applications than similar schools without PeerForward. Recently the organization adopted a new model that allowed it to cut costs while increasing impact, reaching about 85,000 students a year.

Charity Navigator Ratings

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(2/4)|78.97 Score


(2/4)|70.27 Score

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(4/4)|100 Score



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