Pastoral Leadership Institute

Partnering with God in building leaders with a Kingdom Vision. Training and investing in multiplying missional leaders. That's what PLI does. We invest in pastors, spouses and church leaders by building empowering relationships where confidence and courage is born. PLI's learning happens in these relationships. Training happens at the intersection of leadership, discipleship and mission. We transform and equip leaders to lead change and to grow and multiply more missional leaders. PLI's purpose is to help leaders revive your understanding and application of the Great Commission in your local context. The result is discipleship lived out in vibrant communities. By God's guiding, families and congregations are empowered to make deeper connections with non-believers, loving and leading as Jesus did. The result is wider influence for the sake of the Gospel. Hundreds of pastors and spouses in the United States and 12 countries worldwide have been led to lead through the PLI Experience.

Headquarter Address

P.O. Box 972
Wheaton, IL 60187