Orange County United Way

Our Mission: To improve lives in Orange County by delivering measurable, long-term solutions to complex issues in education, financial stability, health, and housing. What We Do: Orange County United Way is committed to ensuring local students succeed, struggling OC families gain financial security, and our homeless neighbors find a place to call home. We are hands-on, delivering 50+ programs countywide to break barriers and improve lives for everyone who lives here. We step up to actively address the critical issues facing our community and we go the extra mile to make sure OC residents have the support they need. Because that's The OC Way. We put our mission into action through three initiatives: United for Student Success, United for Financial Security, and United to End Homelessness. Each initiative includes programming to meet basic needs, develop skills, and ensure long-term success.

Headquarter Address

18012 Mitchell South
Irvine, CA 92614