Nexleaf Analytics

At Nexleaf, we partner with countries to ensure they have they data they need to build lasting solutions that improve the health of people. Nexleaf collaborates closely with stakeholders across all levels of public health, including ministries of health, multilateral stakeholders, and healthcare workers, to bring data to the forefront of public health decision making, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Nexleaf utilizes low-cost sensors and data analytics platforms to provide partners around the world with real time visibility around vaccines, clean cooking and most recently, medical equipment usage. Nexleaf innovations have scaled to 27 countries and over 16,000 health facilities, protecting the vaccine supply chain for 1 in 10 babies born each year. We believe that data helps to align incentives across all stakeholders in an ecosystem so that everyone is working towards a common goal and that sustainable, effective solutions are country-led.

Headquarter Address

1964 Westwood Boulevard
Suite 410
Los Angeles, CA 90025