National WASP WWII Museum

Our Mission: To educate and inspire all generations with the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots - the first women to fly America's military aircraft - women who forever changed the role of women in aviation. Adjacent to a Texas Historical Commission Landmark, National WASP WWII Museum at Avenger Field was incorporated by the State of Texas in 2003 and held its grand opening in 2005. Dedicated to preserving the legacy of Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and inspiring future generations, National WASP WWII Museum hosts an annual Homecoming, welcoming WASP and their families to remember those with whom they served. Home to archives, exhibits and aircraft preserving the story of WASP and those who served at Avenger Field, National WASP WWII Museum tells the story of WASP during WWII and the years after their service in which they continued to seek the veteran status and full military honors due them.

Headquarter Address

210 Avenger Field Road
Sweetwater, TX 79556