National Braille Press

National Braille Press (NBP) was founded in 1927 to provide a newspaper to blind individuals - who at that time - were dependent on family and friends to tell them about the events of the world. NBP's dedication to providing tools and resources to empower blind and visually impaired to actively engage in the world around them still continues. Today, NBP not only provides Syndicated Columnists Weekly - a 36-page braille edition that contains some of the best editorials of the week from prestigious papers such as The Washington Post, New York Times, and Chicago Tribune, we also provide braille books for children, braille cookbooks for adults, and braille computer and smartphone manuals, text books, and standardized test materials for blind and visually impaired students. We even provide braille airline safety guides and braille Starbuck's menus. We are proud to report that our work today impacts the lives of over 15,000 blind and low vision individuals each year.

Headquarter Address

88 Saint Stephen Street
Boston, MA 02115