Music Conservatory of Westchester

Our Mission: To provide the extraordinary benefits of music to all in our community. Our Values: We believe in the inherent power of music to provide personal enrichment, creative expression, lifelong learning, cultural appreciation, and joy for everyone. Excellence - We strive to provide leadership and innovation in music education, encompassing high standards, best teaching practices and respect for individual differences. We seek to be a place where students of all ages and abilities grow through music and have the opportunity to develop their skills and talents to their greatest potential. Access - Guided by our commitment to inclusiveness, we believe that financial limitations or differing ability should never be a barrier to learning. We take our programs into the community as necessary to ensure this. Community - We bring people together through musical collaboration, bridging differences, forging connections, and celebrating musical and cultural diversity.

Headquarter Address

216 Central Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606