Millennium Promise

Our mission is to provide the operational platform and resource mobilization for the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) , which empowers communities to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. At Millennium Promise, our vision is the eradication of extreme poverty, hunger, and preventable disease within our lifetime. We believe that extreme poverty can be cut in half by 2015, even in some of the poorest, most remote places in the world. Through the MVP we are showing how, using a holistic, science-based approach to benefit more than 500,000 people across sub-Saharan Africa. The MVP offers an innovative holistic approach to sustainable rural development. As a partnership initiative, the Project is driven by core science and policy leadership of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, alongside Millennium Promise's operational leadership. Millennium Promise operates Millennium Village sites in 10 countries.

Headquarter Address

475 Riverside Drive
Suite 1040
New York, NY 10115