LightHawk flies to save the earth.   Why LightHawk Exists - We know that excellent conservation work can be done with aircraft - and that most conservation groups don't understand how. And, once they do, it seems unaffordable to them.   What We Do - Our conservation professionals identify significant conservation issues with and work with leading conservation partner organizations. We co-design effective flight campaigns where aviation can quickly accelerate the work to more quickly achieve significant outcomes.   How We Do It - Once campaigns are designed, we leverage a nationwide network of more than 280 highly experienced volunteer pilots to flights affordable by donating their time, aircraft, expertise and fuel. We provide flight to our partners without charge because of the charitable support of our pilots. Conservation Portfolio - Conserving Landscapes, Protecting Oceans and Coastlines, Ensuring Species Survival, Safeguarding Rivers, and Guiding Smart Growth

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(4/4)|91.68 Score


(3/4)|88.24 Score

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(4/4)|100 Score



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P.O. Box 913239
Denver, CO 80291