LEAVEN was created in 1986 and opened its doors on January 1, 1987. The founders were local clergy, businesspeople, and community leaders. They were concerned about low income people not having emergency access to the basic necessities of life, not knowing where to turn for help, and the number of individuals who were going from place to place (particularly to churches) seeking assistance. Duplications of effort, and the real possibility of a few taking advantage of the charity of others, were also of great concern. The agency began with a tiny budget, a few volunteers, and a very part-time staff person. Since 1987, the agency has grown in budget, staff, and number of volunteers. There are currently over 200 volunteers that donate over 17,000 hours each year. This is equivalent to 8.3 full time employees and 67% of all hours worked. It has grown tremendously in its capacity for effective administration, raising money, growing endowments, and caring for the less fortunate in the Fox Valley Area.

Headquarter Address

1475 Opportunity Way
Menasha, WI 54952