Kolel Chibas Jerusalem

Kolel Chibas Jerusalem provides grants to Kolel Chibas Jerusalem in Israel, which was founded in 1830 to provide food, shelter, medical and social services, and cash stipends to needy families. Kolel's activities include the "Chalukah", which is the distribution of quarterly stipends to families that can not make ends meet. This past Pesach, the Kolel distributed approximately $850,000 to over 4,000 families consisting of a total of over 16,000 persons. In addition, Kolel helps to pay for the expenses of a wedding, the birth of a baby, or to help cover medical expenses. Kolel operations also include three dental clinics, used by over 5,000 people annually for full range dental treatment, as well as a subsidized clothing store.

Headquarter Address

4802-A Twelfth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219