Kidsave moves older children out of orphanages and foster care and into permanent, loving families. Kidsave gives older kids in US foster care and foreign orphanages the opportunity to visit with families and build relationships. We work as a catalyst for change, training social workers, orphanage workers and volunteers to help kids find permanent families and caring mentors, and increase permanent family care for orphans and youth in foster care. Since 1999 Kidsave has directly served nearly 14,000 children in addition to providing training programs and child services leadership for over 20 international, federal and regional governments as well as community organizations. While program activities vary from region to region, the goal for children is consistent: to help children find a permanent home. Kidsave's programs are customizable Thousands more orphans and children in foster care around the globe have parents and lasting connections because of our training and advocacy efforts.

Headquarter Address

100 Corporate Pointe, Suite 380
Culver City, CA 90230