Keepers of the Wild

Established in 1995, Keepers of the Wild is currently home to over 130 exotic and indigenous wild animals that were rescued, surrendered by an owner, or placed with us by other animal welfare agencies. Keepers is dedicated to protecting abused, neglected, abandoned, and retired captive wildlife, providing the best standard of care and helping enforce the humane treatment of all animals through education and public awareness. As Keepers, we seek to alleviate all animal's suffering and help eliminate the use of wild animals as pets and their exploitation in show business. The preservation and protection of wildlife and the environment are paramount in our goals. Keepers of the Wild has been consistently rated 3 and 4 stars with an accompanying Platinum Seal of Transparency by Charity Navigator. Transparency is key to the long-standing trust we've established with our donors. We strive to ensure that each donor who gives to us feels confident, secure, and proud of their contribution.

Headquarter Address

13441 East Highway 66
Valentine, AZ 86437