Israel Scholarship Education Foundation

The mission of the Israel Scholarship Education Foundation is to empower extraordinary young Israelis of top academic merit from underserved backgrounds to reach their highest leadership potential, igniting positive change in Israeli society. ISEF believes investing in human capital development and expanding access to higher education are vital for Israel's security and prosperity. ISEF adopts a transformative, holistic approach that nurtures each student's potential and produces the highest return on investment for Israeli society. Over 400 students are pursuing degrees from BA to PhD at 19 Israeli universities and colleges, and over 20 ISEF International Fellows are performing cutting-edge PhD and postdoctoral research at top international research universities. ISEF's 400 scholars are role models and mentors for over 3,000 at-risk Israeli youngsters, whom they mentor and tutor for four hours a week - even during COVID-19.

Headquarter Address

520 Eighth Avenue
4th floor
New York, NY 10018