Hunter's Hope Foundation

Hunter's Hope Foundation was established to address the acute need for information and research with respect to Krabbe Disease and related Leukodystrophies. In addition, we strive to support and encourage those afflicted and their families as they struggle to endure, adjust and cope with the demands of these fatal illnesses. Accordingly, our mission is four-fold: to broaden public awareness of Krabbe Disease and other Leukodystrophies; to gather and provide current, functional information and service linkages to families of children with Leukodystrophies; to fund research efforts that will identify new treatments, therapies and ultimately, a cure for Krabbe Disease and other Leukodystrophies; and to establish an alliance of hope that will nourish, affirm and confront the urgent need for medical, financial and emotional support.

Headquarter Address

6368 West Quaker Street
P.O. Box 643
Orchard Park, NY 14127