Hillel at The Ohio State University

Built in 1925, OSU Hillel engages students in social, cultural, educational, and religious activities. Students participate in more than 200 programs per year ranging from community service, social action, athletics, music, Israel to religious education. OSU Hillel's commitment to personal relationships and ongoing initiatives advances Jewish values in a way that is authentic and accessible to a broad range of students on campus regardless of background or experience. OSU Hillel has created thriving communities based on a model of "Jewish Conversations," where students move from experiencing Jewish text and ideas as inaccessible and seemingly irrelevant to a vital and meaningful place in their lives. With a strong focus on leadership development, students are encouraged and trained to organize and lead while benefiting from the extensive resources of this nationally-recognized institution. In recognition, this work received the 2012 Hillel Meyerhoff Jewish Education Campus Award

Headquarter Address

46 East Sixteenth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201