Heroes for Children

Heroes for Children has an unwavering commitment that NO FAMILY WITH A CHILD (0-22 years of age) BATTLING CANCER IN TEXAS WILL FIGHT IT ALONE. Our core services provide financial assistance to families who need help with basic life expenses and social activities that bring families together for fun and time to make memories. Treatment for childhood cancer can last up to 3 years, cost more than $600,000, and exceed lifetime insurance benefits. In fact, 1 in 4 families nationwide suffer a 40% loss of household income with the demands of care-giving, treatment, and relocation for specialized therapeutics. Our financial assistance helps with essential household and medical bills, keeping food on the table, lights on, and a roof over the family's heads. We also provide funeral assistance. Although income is not a factor in our assistance, 68% of the families we serve have low- or moderate-income. Be a hero today: help us support and strengthen families when they need it most. Thank you.

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