HelpMeSee is becoming the world leader of innovative and scalable eyecare simulation-based training solutions with a mission of restoring vision to people living with severe visual impairment and blindness due to cataract worldwide. 40 simulators have been deployed to Africa, South and South East Asia, and Mexico as we partnered with premier ophthalmic organizations, including Aravind and LV Prasad in India, Wenzhou and Sun Yat-Sen Universities in China, the Eye Institute of Mexico and Emergeo in Madagascar. The HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator is the most advanced ophthalmic surgical simulator ever developed. Our solution uses the Eye Surgery Simulator, expert instructors and standardized courses that allow surgeons to train endlessly, until proficient, without any harm to real patients. This surgical simulation-based training significantly reduces the time it takes to train surgeons from years to months. HelpMeSee has trained over 300 trainees and seeks to train 500 trainees in 2021.

Headquarter Address

434 W 33rd St
7th-9th Floor
New York, NY 10001