Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston

Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston's (HHH) mission is to promote health, hope and dignity for those affected by homelessness through accessible and comprehensive quality care. HHH exclusively provides care for individuals who are homeless and vulnerably housed. Because we only serve patients who are experiencing homelessness, we are able to tailor our clinical model and services to meet the distinct, and often, complex, health, and social needs of those we serve. Our purpose is to be a primary care "health home" for those experiencing homelessness. We take a holistic approach by providing many integrated services, including medical care, mental health services, addiction counseling, case management, and dental care. Specialized programming helps address the unique needs of individuals, such as programming specific to the needs of women and children, those who are diagnosed with a mental illness, those battling addiction, people who have experienced chronic homelessness, etc.

Headquarter Address

1934 Caroline St
Houston, TX 77002