Globus Relief

Globus Relief was founded in 1996 by successful business entrepreneurs devoted to helping those in need, with a mission to redirect useable health resources locally and globally. Globus Relief is a major force for good, creating a reliable humanitarian supply chain that has provided over $200 million worth of soft medical goods, instrumentation, medical equipment and other health related products. From our inception, Globus Relief has sought to cooperate, rather than compete, with other charities. Corporate and Business partnerships allow us to redirect humanitarian resources to charity partners, enabling them to provide improved healthcare services more effectively, and leverage expenses so more can be accomplished. As a result, our mission has impacted over 100 countries worldwide, partnering with over 500 charities and servicing over 12,000 projects worldwide.

Headquarter Address

1365 Gladiola Street
Suite C
Salt Lake City, UT 84104