Friends of the Israel Defense Forces

Established in 1981, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) mission is to offer educational, cultural, recreational, social services programs, and facilities that provide hope, purpose, and life-changing support for the soldiers who protect Israel and Jews worldwide. The strength of the IDF, which has been guarding the State of Israel since it declared independence in 1948, derives from the selfless determination and great capabilities of the young men and women who form it. At the tender age of 18, most Israelis are drafted into the IDF. They bear the difficult tasks of defending Israel's borders and guaranteeing the safety of its people. The Israeli government is responsible for training IDF soldiers and providing them with the necessary tools for their service. FIDF is committed to providing these soldiers with love, support, and care in an effort to ease the burden they carry.

Headquarter Address

60 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10165