Friends of Karen

Founded in 1978, Friends of Karen provides vital, practical and comprehensive support, at no cost, to families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness. Friends of Karen achieves its mission by providing direct financial assistance with medical care, illness-related expenses and household expenses that families cannot afford due to loss of income as a result of their child's illness; serving as an advocate for the sick child and her/his family with government and private agencies; providing a Sibling Support Specialist to help youngsters better understand and cope with their sister's/brother's illness; investigating resources available to the child and his/her family; offering bereavement support for parents who have lost a child and for siblings who have lost a brother or sister; assisting families through the difficult maze of health insurance; and acting as a referral source and providing guidance to families with ill children outside our guidelines.

Headquarter Address

118 Titicus Road
North Salem, NY 10560