Fred Rogers Productions

Fred Rogers Productions builds on our founder's legacy by creating quality children's media that models an enthusiasm for learning and earns the trust of parents and caregivers. FRP was founded in 1971 to produce Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and, since 2012, has launched six new series on PBS KIDS that promote social-emotional learning, build excitement about STEM, and help bring out the best in parents. These programs reach a monthly broadcast audience of more than 5 million viewers, who also watch more than 80 million FRP videos on streaming platforms. They've inspired educational games and apps, storybooks, summer camps, and resources for parents and preschool teachers. Independent studies attest to the effectiveness of FRP's programs, with findings that corroborate feedback from parents, who regularly thank us for helping them connect with their children, helping their kids manage big feelings, and giving all children the chance to see themselves represented on screen.

Headquarter Address

2100 Wharton Street
Suite 700
Pittsburgh, PA 15203