Our mission: GO to people in need in Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods, CREATE safe places, DEMONSTRATE God's love in practical ways, ENCOURAGE self-responsibility. FOCAS-Foundation of Compassionate American Samaritans, was founded 31 years ago as a faith based, non-profit ministry to serve those in poverty in Haiti. In 1992 FOCAS expanded its parameters to the great need in our own city through the first Lord's Gym in Over the Rhine. Since that time FOCAS' The Lord's Gym, now in its 25th year of operation, has grown to meet the desperate poverty in Greater Cincinnati and Covington, Kentucky. We serve children, women, men and entire families that are homeless, underserved children who are neglected, women trapped in human trafficking, anyone who needs us and accepts our love and guidance. We demonstrate God's love in practical ways to people who feel unworthy and unlovable, by working with them as they are lifted up to a transformed life of purpose, self-sufficiency and dignity.

Headquarter Address

1211 York Street
Cincinnati, OH 45214