Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary pursues bold solutions to end animal agriculture and foster just and compassionate vegan living. Established in 1986 as America's first organization dedicated to the rescue and refuge of farmed animals, Farm Sanctuary has set a number of precedents in the movement over the past several decades, including: Urging passage of the first federal laws to protect animals on factory farms; Initiating the first cruelty convictions at stockyards and slaughterhouses, and; Forming the largest farm animal rescue and placement network in North America. Through our comprehensive education, research and advocacy initiatives, Farm Sanctuary works to bring public awareness to the plight of farm animals; shed light on the disastrous impact of industrialized animal agriculture on our environment, public health and social justice, and; forge a new food system rooted in compassion and justice for animals, people, and our shared planet.

Headquarter Address

3100 Aikens Road
Watkins Glen, NY 14891