Extra Mile Education Foundation

The Extra Mile Education Foundation provides financial support to urban children and their families seeking a values-based prekindergarten through eighth-grade education in select parochial schools in the city of Pittsburgh. The assistance the Foundation provides takes the form of school subsidies at two schools in low-income communities and scholarship support grants to African American, non-Catholic students in six other under-resourced parochial schools in Pittsburgh. The strong educational foundation acquired through this elementary school program serves graduates through high school. All eighth-grade students graduate, and nearly 60 percent of graduates go on to a private or Catholic high school, while remaining students choose a public high school. Graduation rates from high school continue to be approximately 96 percent, considerably above the local and national average for their peers, and 88 percent of high school graduates go on to secondary education or the military.

Headquarter Address

Two Gateway Center
603 Stanwix Street, Suite 348
Pittsburgh, PA 15222