Equine Advocates

Equine Advocates was founded in 1996. We focus our work on rescue, sanctuary, education and advocacy. Our Mission Statement is, "To rescue, protect and prevent the abuse of equines through education, investigation, rescue operations, the dissemination of information to the public and the operation of a horse sanctuary for slaughter-bound, abused and neglected equines." Over the years we have rescued thousands of horses, ponies, donkeys & mules. The sanctuary, located in Chatham, NY, is 140-acres and currently home to 82 rescued equines. Our Humane Education Program now offers field trips/classes for grades K-6 and a rare opportunity to educate children about the importance of caring for each other, animals and the planet. The program encourages critical thinking and problem solving, as a means to question, make informed judgments and take compassionate action. We also have Public Open Days and welcome groups of all ages for lectures and classes on a variety of equine-related subjects.

Headquarter Address

PO Box 354
Chatham, NY 12037