Emmaus H.O.M.E.

Emmaus H.O.M.E. (Homeworkers Organized for More Employment) established in 1970 as a craft cooperative, is a multifaceted organization involved in economic reconstruction and social rehabilitation. In its 30+ years of existence, it has grown from the single retail store where home crafters could sell their goods into a small community offering jobs, food, education, temporary shelter and home ownership to people and families in need. Emmaus H.O.M.E. has seen from its beginning days that although the ownership of a home is of fundamental importance to a family, other services are needed to ensure family stability and foster self-esteem. In response to these needs, its activities have grown to include: five shelters, a food bank soup kitchen, recovery barn and thrift store, Abby's Attic, and desktop publishing.

Headquarter Address

P.O. Box 10
90 School House Road
Orland , ME 04472