EdVestors' mission is to increase the number of schools in Boston delivering dramatically improved educational outcomes for all students. EdVestors is a school improvement organization that combines strategic philanthropy, education expertise, and implementation support to help schools create the conditions for school change. Since starting in 2002, EdVestors has raised and invested $29 million in school improvement efforts and today coordinates major public-private partnerships to drive improved outcomes for more students in Boston. We work at the classroom, school, and system levels to accelerate improvement in Boston's schools. EdVestors works in three ways: We are a seed funder for solution-seekers' best ideas in Boston's schools. We develop, demonstrate, and share best practices for school improvement. We work at scale to achieve city-wide student impact, coordinating major public-private partnerships in targeted issue areas at the core of school improvement.

Headquarter Address

140 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116