Education Through Music, Inc. (New York)

Founded in 1991, Education Through Music (ETM) promotes and supports music instruction in disadvantaged schools in order to enhance students' academic performance and general development. ETM forms long-term partnerships with under-resourced elementary and middle schools that lack the resources to develop school-wide music programs. We ensure high-quality instruction by hiring qualified music teachers, providing ongoing training, and performing regular program assessments. We encourage non-music teachers and music teachers to collaborate so that music can reinforce learning and development in all areas. And we help schools embrace music as a core subject by involving all members of the school community. ETM also provides advisory services to organizations and schools around the United States, including advising two independent 501(c)(3) organizations that replicate our model in schools in the Los Angeles and Denver communities.

Headquarter Address

122 East 42nd Street
Suite 1501
New York, NY 10168