e3 Partners Ministries

e3 Partners Ministries' unique, biblically-based approach of church multiplication incorporates all the key aspects of Christ's commission. In 21 years, God has allowed us to see significant long-term results worldwide from our holistic approach to ministry that embraces going, making disciples, baptizing and teaching all to plant and establish new churches. Since 1987, God has used our e3 approach of equipping, evangelizing, and establishing to build bridges of unity and teamwork between 20,000+ believers from over 2,000 American churches and nearly 250,000 believers in 15,000 international congregations. Together, these believers have worked to introduce over one million people to Christ, and helped plant over 12,000 churches.

Headquarter Address

2001 West Plano Parkway
Suite 2600
Plano, TX 75075