Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

At Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, we raise money for high-risk, high-reward cancer research done by brilliant young scientists who are willing to push boundaries and break rules. In other words, we fund brave and bold. Because only by being brave and bold, by risking failure, are we going to achieve real and lasting success against a foe as complex, resilient, and deadly as cancer. Since our founding in 1946, in partnership with donors across the nation, we have invested over $400 million and funded over 3,850 scientists. Damon Runyon cancer researchers have made extraordinary breakthroughs in every area of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. To this day, we support the next generation of leaders: emerging talent with unique insights, drive, and boundless vision. We will not stop until we have the tools to prevent or cure all cancers.

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