Charity Navigator has issued a "Moderate Concern" CN Advisory for this organization.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The mission of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is to lead and inspire by connecting people and wildlife. Today, the Zoo is a nationally and internationally acclaimed conservation center, housing more than 10,000 animals representing nearly 600 species. In addition to its role as a global conservation leader, the Zoo is a renowned year-round educational and recreational facility for visitors of all ages, backgrounds and experiences - attracting 2.2 million visitors annually with a membership base representing more than 82,000 households. The Zoo resides on 580 acres consisting of six zoogeographic regions, a water park and a golf course - making it one of the fastest growing zoos in the world and the third largest municipally affiliated zoo in North America.

Headquarter Address

4850 West Powell Road
Powell, OH 43065