Circle Of Concern

Our Mission: Circle Of Concern feeds the hungry and provides assistance to low-income families living in west St. Louis County. Since 1967, Circle Of Concern has served west St. Louis County with our food pantry, financial assistance, scholarships and other programs. In the pantry, we are committed to providing both canned/boxed nonperishable food AND fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese and some meat. Financial assistance meets critical needs to avert an eviction or to keep the utilities on. Scholarships help young people go to college and help adult clients gets critical job training and certifications; in both cases, they are a step toward breaking the cycle of poverty. Holiday programs such as Thanksgiving Baskets, Holiday Family Adoption and Toy Day ease expenses during that joyful time of year. With these programs - and more - Circle is committed to helping our neighbors-in-need so they can direct their own resources toward rebuilding their financial foundations.

Headquarter Address

112 St. Louis Ave
Valley Park, MO 63088