A global company set in the Silicon Valley, The Cinequest Institute produces Cinequest Film Festival, Cinequest Distribution, Cinequest Mentoring & Education, and Cinequest LLC operates Cinequest Mavericks Studio. Cinequest's uniqueness and impact results from being ahead of the curve, whether it comes to discovering or producing original voices, showcasing new technology, or reinventing the very definition of film distribution and marketing. It's a celebration of premium quality Maverick cinema, television and innovation. Cinequest remains one of the last big festival bastions for the discovery of new and emerging film artists. Cinequest Film Festival (CQFF) presents a dynamic 13-day event of 200 international films with over 600+ film artists, technologists, and professionals from 44 countries in attendance. Over 10,000 artists have attended CQFF to date.

Headquarter Address

P.O. Box 720040
San Jose, CA 95172